Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – A New Way of Corporate Financing

On the evening of 31.08. a Meetup with the topic “Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – A New Way of Corporate Financing” took place in Berlin – BTC-ECHO was there. Astratum, who had already organized a Meetup before, had organized a Meetup with the support of the Innovation Forum Blockchain and the Blockchain-Bundesverband, which took a Read More

What is an ICO?

Cardano (ADA) Wallet Setup Create IOTA Wallet & Seed What is NEM and XEM? IPFS for Blockchains What is EOS? What are Oracles on the Blockchain? What is Ripple and XRP? What is Corda? What is a sidechain? What is an ICO? What is an ERC-20 token? What is Lisk (LSK)? What is Proof-of-Stake? How Read More

Scapegoat Bitcoin

Grym tries to illustrate why a digital currency is a questionable idea using crypto currencies as an example. Because of its pioneering role and its distribution, Bitcoin has to serve as a whipping boy. It even goes so far as to deny the blockchain its decentralized character: “For all purposes and intentions [the blockchain] is Read More