Accreditation - Quality guarantee

Accredited by the British Council

Bell Bedgebury, Bell Cambridge, Bell London and the Bell Young Learners department are accredited by the British Council.

The British Council inspects all reputable language schools in the UK. The inspection covers all aspects of a school:

  • Management (including publicity)
  • Resources and Environment (including premises)
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Welfare (including leisure programme)

The British Council permits the use of its publishable statement only on condition that it is reproduced in FULL. A school does not have the right to publish only the positive parts of any statement.

As one of the leading providers of language education in Britain, Bell is happy to publish the British Council statements for each of our centres.

Bell receives high ratings at all our language centres. This is an important and independent guarantee for you of the high quality that we provide.

When choosing the right language school for you, you should always ask for their British Council publishable statements.

Bell is an EAQUALS founder member

Bell is a founder member of EAQUALS (The European Association of Quality Language Schools) and Bell experts throughout Europe play a leading role in its development.

What is EAQUALS?
Founded in 1991, EAQUALS is a pan-European Association of language training providers aiming to promote and guarantee quality in modern language teaching institutions. To achieve these aims it has established and published a demanding set of criteria for membership. These are laid out in the form of a Code of Conduct, Student,  Staff and Information Charters (ISBN 88-900072-0-6), and backed up by a rigorous inspection scheme.

Membership is open to private or state institutions which are involved in the delivery of quality language training or are, in some other way, committed to the achievement of excellence in this area.

Bell is an EAQUALS Founder Member
These are the ten institutions and organisations which were jointly responsible for establishing the Association and developing its structure and principles.

The Code of Practice
The basic principles underlying the Code of Practice are:

  • fair dealing with clients, students and staff
  • veracity of advertising and information provided to the public
  • value for money
  • respect for the legal constitution of EAQUALS

The Student and Staff Charters further define the Code of Practice, of which they are an integral part. 

The Student Charter
This is a clear undertaking by each member to provide quality services in all areas related to a language course. The main areas covered are: qualifications, experience and professional skills of the teachers; the teaching materials and organisation of the teaching programmes; suitability of the premises; and the provision of detailed, truthful information about the course of studies. The Student Charter is to be displayed in its entirety in each school.

The Staff Charter
This concerns itself with the working conditions, duties and entitlements of both the academic and non-academic staff where not already defined in national law. It requires a school to deal fairly with its staff, in accordance with local conditions, to provide suitable working conditions, and to have and publicise grievance procedures. The Staff Charter is to be displayed in its entirety in each school.

The Information Charter
This guarantees the veracity, comprehensiveness and clarity of the information provided by the school in its brochures, publicity and other information sources.

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Bell International is a English UK Member

Bell International is also a member of English UK: