Bitcoin God: New charity fork

As a symbolic gesture, a new fork will see the light of day on Christmas Day. The start of Bitcoin God is propagated by the Chinese investor Chandler Guo, who wants to make our world a little better with it.

But can the Bitcoin trader project really succeed?

In the near future we will have several forks of Bitcoin trader and other crypto currencies. As onlinebetrug expert Mirco Recksiek (KI Group) explained last Crypto Monday, it’s in the nature of things that an open source project constantly leads to completely new representatives. The blockchain is just as open source as some Linux distributions or programs, for example. A central institution that controls everything or forbids new forks does not exist there. This is not even planned. Only time will tell which of the new spin-offs will play an important role in the future, according to Recksiek. No one can control this and it has not had any negative effects on the Bitcoin course so far. But let’s be honest: Do we really need the Bitcoin Hot, the Super Bitcoin or a Lightning Bitcoin? Hard to say. They all have their raison d’ĂȘtre, but some observers are already quite annoyed because of the constant forking.

After all, there seems to be a fork for Christmas with the Bitcoin God, which at least contains a new idea. The GOD comes from the pen of the Chinese mining pope and investor Chandler Guo, who wants to found a completely decentralized and self-regulating, non-profit community based on the blockchain. In majority decisions, the community is to decide on the allocation of tokens to charitable projects. So it’s not just about speculation or earning money. Moreover, God is not someone abstract up there, but rather every single partner to a certain extent. The self-declared goal is to fill the world with love and to make our earth a better place with modern means.

It must also be clarified: What can be considered charitable for crypto trader?

Until Christmas there are only a few days left. However, there is a lack of detail on the crypto trader website. Not as far as the technical specifications are concerned, but for example how and where the votes are to be carried out from autumn 2018. Does this also mean non-governmental organisations such as Reporters Without Borders or Amnesty International, which work for more freedom of expression and assembly or against the violation of human rights? If the crypto trader community were to donate money to one of these NGOs, Bitcoin God’s figurehead, Chandler Guo Hongcai, would have a first problem. The government in Beijing would certainly not be happy about this.

Apart from expenses, a little attention and full-bodied announcements, nothing happened? Let’s have a look. We will continue to monitor the project, the idea behind it sounds interesting in any case.