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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here are a few examples:

My goal was to master English for academic studies. When I came to Bell Baku I could not express myself though I knew lots of words and expressions. Now I can speak English fluently so when I meet my foreign friends I have no problems in communication and this makes me feel happy. Bell Baku is a great place to study and get the qualifications that you need. I have to note that the academic success of the students in our group would not have been possible if the teachers had not worked with such exceptional commitment.


It was amazing. Before attending Bell Baku I was not able to help my child with home assignments because of my poor English. After completing several modules in developing English skills, my son and me have been more than happy to see fantastic achievements. I would like to thank all Bell Baku staff for their productive and stimulating work.
Afat Hajiyeva and her son Ahmad Hajili