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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here is an example:

start-quotePractice is the royal way to learn a foreign language. I greatly appreciate the teacher that he encourages me and gives me so many chances to speak English and talk with him. Now I am confident to communicate with the foreign people.end-quote
Zhang Jie, Nokia (Corporate training)

start-quoteI benefit a lot from the training. At least I am interested in English and it’ll never be impossible for me now. Thank all my teachers’ effort.end-quote
Duan Lifeng, Open TV (Corporate training)

start-quoteI have never had such great feelings before in English learning: professional curriculum, patient teachers and comfortable atmosphere, I do gain a lot.end-quote
Chen Xinrong (VIP course)

start-quoteI learned so much in Bell. At the beginning of the course, I did not know about IELTS at all. I study English many years, but I rarely speak English. I think the high quality teaching gives me opportunities to practice English. The teachers of Bell have a variety of teaching experience.end-quote
Zhang Meiwei ( CAFA Foundation Course)

start-quoteThe foundation course provides us a great English learning environment. My tutor Scott is a great teacher. He is so patient and hard-working. We love him.end-quote
Bao Di ( CAFA Foundation Course)

start-quoteI think Phil is a good teacher. He always prepares a lot for each class. He is very popular in the foundation course. As a good teacher, he doesn’t give students too much homework, but really helps students to improve their English ability. We all like him.end-quote
Xu Mengmeng ( CAFA Foundation Course)

start-quoteI believe I can study English very well. Even if I start from a low level, I’m very glad that I have achieved a lot. My English teacher is very good.end-quote
Qian Xin ( CAFA Foundation Course)

start-quoteEnglish classes in the foundation course are perfect. It’s useful for us to prepare our IELTS score. In this six months, my speaking and listening skills improve a lot. end-quote
Yang Yuqing ( CAFA Foundation Course)

start-quoteIn the first semester, I have learned many new words and some skills about the test. I have learned more ways to communicate with others. end-quote
Ke Sijia ( CAFA Foundation Course)