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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here are some examples:

Learning English is easier at MPI-Bell; all the topics relate to our life and you don’t feel bored in the class.
Lai Kin Hong (Student on General English course)

After studying for a few months at MPI-Bell, I have more confidence in speaking English; I am especially satisfied with my presentations during the course. Our teacher is an expert of teaching. He provides a lot of opportunities for the students in communication. I love this course! This is the best course I’ve ever had!
Rita Lau (student on Socialising course)

The course provides us so many chances to speak and listen to English. That is very helpful for our job, especially when more and more foreign investment in Macao.
Student on Casino Careers course

In my opinion, the course is very important because it actually prepares you to do the exam, enhancing your English skills, always focusing on the exam.
Student on IELTS Preparation course

MPI-Bell Centre of English is such an excellent place that I’d like to come here again. I like the teachers and all the staff here. And I like the classroom, the language lab and facilities here. I really have had a wonderful time in Macao, especially at the MPI-Bell Centre of English.
Zhang Xiaochun (Student on a Teacher Training course)