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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here is an example:

Most technical engineers of my age feel awkward when speaking English. Nowadays English is very important in our lives whether we are working in a foreign company or a state enterprise. Most of my classmates here face foreign ship owner representatives, foreign classification society surveyors, and foreign suppliers everyday. To have sound spoken English is the dream of most of us.

Before entering this Business English Certificates (BEC) Vantage class, I took a test to assess my language level. Both my reading skills and grammar were tested in writing while my listening and speaking skills were tested by talking to native English teachers. Therefore, I was placed in the most suitable group based on my learning needs and interests.

The classrooms provide a positive environment for study, with useful equipment and a seating arrangement that makes discussion more easily.

The biggest difference between Bell and other courses I’ve attended is the teaching mode. Our teacher always encourages and motivates us in class. She is an expert in teaching English as a foreign language and has excellent intercultural skills.

Every unit, we discuss topics that are important for day-to-day business.

Both writing and listening skills are also included in the class. For example, we learn how to leave messages for our colleagues and how to write formal letters to our clients or suppliers. These writing skills are really very important to us, as we often write letters to our suppliers and ship owners.

I am very impressed that our teacher checks our writing homework letter by letter. She not only points out the wrong words and expressions we use, but she also encourages us. She samples common mistakes from our letters and types them up. She lets us correct the mistakes together. She tells us in detail how to make our writing more clear, direct and professional.
Our teacher also takes care of our listening skills. We listen to different recordings focusing on numbers, pronunciation, stress and speakers with different accents. Pronunciation practice also helps us improve our listening skills.
Yang Peiwei