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About the project

Bell, working in partnership with Awardbrand, is delivering a number of bespoke English language teaching programmes to a variety of corporate clients in a range of sectors including oil, electric, tourism and engineering.

In addition, Bell also offers English language tuition to individuals at a purpose-built Awardbrand training centre.

Project facts

  • Bell has been operating in Libya since 2003
  • Over 1500 students primarily from the oil and gas industries have benefited from a Bell programme since 2003
  • There are currently 15 members of staff employed on Bell-Awardbrand programmes in Libya

Our partner

  • Awardbrand specialises in providing global sourcing, engineering, procurement, management, training and services to its clients in various industries.

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  • Projects run in various locations throughout Libya including Tripoli, Zawia, Sirte, Misratah, Tubruq and Benghazi.


  • The purpose-built Awardbrand training centre in Tripoli has 15 classrooms, IT facilities and a staff lounge
  • Where in-house training is offered, the company provides a designated training room


For further information on the Bell-Awardbrand contract in Libya please email:


Ruins of Leptis Magna, Libya

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