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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here is an example:

My goal
Throughout my professional career I have always practised English in one of its different aspects like engineering, finances or business. However, even possessing a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) qualification I had a strong feeling that I lacked some 'deeper touch' of the language I like so much.

I decided to join a Proficiency Course at Bell language school in Gdynia. I simply wanted to improve my active skills like speaking and writing and to overcome my limitations resulting from deficiencies in fluency as well as difficulties in finding proper words.

My progress
As it usually happens, during the first months of the course I did not notice any remarkable improvement. Now I am convinced that the progress took place in some deeper, more subconscious levels, because at the end of winter I suddenly noticed that writing came to me much easier. Presenting my point of view on practically any given subject did not pose difficulties. I also noticed that I could understand much more while watching English TV channels, which very often presented people speaking with different accents. Some more 'hard evidence' of my progress was reflected in the results of mock Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) tests which rose gradually with the passage of time.

I think that I owe a great deal of achieved results to positive and relaxed atmosphere created by Chris, our English teacher.

Roman, age 50