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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here are a few examples:

Last year I took my school leaving exam in English. I really wanted to get good results in order to get onto my dream course at the university. Thanks to a course at Bell Krakow I managed to get 93% in the exam. Now I am continuing my language study doing a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) preparation course. I hope that a good command of English will allow me to get a scholarship abroad. I feel at ease when it comes to speaking English. I am really glad because before I was afraid to open my mouth.
Mateusz, 20


I am a postgraduate student doing a PHD and I know how difficult it would be for me without a good command of English. Most research results are published in English and at my university we often have guests from abroad. I am just finishing my language course at Bell Krakow at intermediate level. After one year of study I can feel how much easier it is for me to communicate in English. I am not afraid to speak anymore and even show foreign guests around our university. I know I have still got a long way to go. I go to the resource centre before classes, I do extra vocabulary and grammar practice and also some listening exercises.
Anna, 25