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Case studies

Bell's mission is to change lives, here is an example:

My Goal
I have always dreamed of studying for a year at a university in another country, but I was worried that maybe my English wasn’t good enough. Although I was studying at university and I was really busy, I enrolled in a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) preparation course even though I didn’t want to take the exam and I just wanted to improve my abilities.

My Progress
I was a little bit worried that preparing for an exam would be really boring, but that just wasn’t true! Even though I didn’t want to take the exam, the preparation really helped me improve all my skills, especially my writing and my speaking. I also learnt a lot of new vocabulary and lots of interesting things about English culture. The course was really helpful and the atmosphere was very friendly. I now feel much more confident that I can go to another country and have success in my studies