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Jobs at Bell Teacher Campus

Bell Teacher Campus Cambridge, based at Homerton College, part of the University of Cambridge, offers a range of job opportunities from teacher trainers to course assistants.

Apply to work at Bell Teacher Campus

Join the Bell Teacher Campus team and you could play a part in delivering a memorable training experience to 800 teachers from over 45 countries.

Length of contracts

The campus runs from 03 July to 27 August 2011 with contracts of up to eight weeks. All staff members are required to attend an induction prior to the start of the course and will also have the opportunity to take advantage of training sessions both in the lead up to and during the campus.

The programme offers:

  • The chance to train international EFL professionals in a broad range of areas such as methodology, technology, literature, British life and culture, trainer training and teaching business English. See the full range of courses for 2011
  • The opportunity to work with an experienced team of EFL trainers led by Jim Scrivener, Bell’s Head of Teacher Development, well-known teacher trainer, conference speaker and author of ‘Learning Teaching’
  • Competitive salary
  • An exciting working environment with opportunities for continuing professional development
  • Outstanding facilities and resources
  • Accommodation and board at Homerton College, Cambridge
Bell Teacher Campus Campbridge, Homerton

"Bell Teacher Campus allowed me to meet teachers from all over the world. It's remarkable that many of the challenges we face are the same."
Monica from Argentina


Types of roles at Bell Teacher Campus

We are recruiting for a number of positions including:

  • Teacher trainers
  • Student Services Manager
  • Social Manager
  • Course Assistants
  • Assistant Welfare Office
  • Administration Assistant
View the Bell Teacher Campus team structure.