Bespoke educational consultancy

Our approach

In addition to offering language and education programmes through a global network of teaching centres, Bell provides a range of tailor-made educational consultancy services to meet its clients’ specific needs.

Bell can deliver complete language and teacher training programmes or can work with clients at different stages of a project with consultancy, assessment and evaluation or materials development input.

We follow a proven and effective four step model to create successful bespoke programmes:


Helping clients to understand their needs

  • Fundamental to the success of any training project is the ability to understand clearly a client’s objectives and the learning needs of the programme’s participants
  • Working with the client, Bell conducts a comprehensive learning needs analysis which identifies and quantifies the learning required to meet specific goals


Creating a bespoke learning programme

  • A tailor-made programme is developed to meet the client’s objectives and the learning needs of individual participants, as identified in the diagnosis phase
  • Such a programme will include:
    • curriculum design
    • identification of learning materials and resources
    • assessment criteria and methods
    • medium and methodology for teaching and learning – including the use of technology and the role of independent learning
    • selection of suitable resources for instruction and management


Full project management to ensure successful outcomes

  • Bell has extensive experience of providing full project management services for clients in a range of geographies and environments, with a proven track record in delivering results on time and to budget. The project management service includes:
    • recruitment and deployment of staff
    • staff performance management and welfare
    • partner/supplier relationships
    • logistics and the provision of project resources
    • academic management
    • quality assurance of teaching and learning
    • comprehensive and transparent reporting system by arrangement with client


Monitoring and assessment to ensure quality and return on investment

  • Bell is focused on ensuring that programme objectives are met or exceeded and that the client derives a strong return on its investment in training and development. To this end, Bell will:
    • closely monitor participants’ performance, provide guidance on continuous development and report regularly to the client on progress and any remedial actions
    • implement the Bell Quality Assurance and Development System, including regular audits of standards with immediate follow-up action as required
    • provide professional development opportunities for academic staff to continually refresh and enhance their performance throughout the project
    • undertake interim and end-of-project evaluation studies on behalf of the client


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