English for young learners

Case studies

Focus English
Bell's summer camp at Wellington College

Focus English is a special course designed for students aged 12 – 17 who want to improve their English language skills, try different sports and activities and make new friends from around the world. In addition, students spend six hours focusing on one sport or activity of particular interest enabling them to learn new skills and to develop their individual strengths through the medium of English. Focus options include:

  • Team sports
  • Tennis
  • Performing arts
  • Horse-riding
  • Golf
  • Arts and crafts

Focus English takes place at a number of Bell centres in the UK, including Wellington College in Berkshire.


Bell Language Centres, Thailand

The Bell network of partner schools in Thailand is an association of independent language centres and language programmes established by Bell in partnership with three of the most prestigious private schools and colleges in Thailand.

  1. Assumption College-Bell English Programmes, Bangrak
  2. Assumption Thonburi-Bell Language Centre, Thonburi
  3. Thai Japanese-Bell Language Project, Bangkok

In collaboration with these long-established institutions, Bell partner schools in Thailand share a commitment to academic excellence, and the highest standards of management and staff development. Bell language programmes provide primary and secondary level English to students of the host colleges as part of the Thai English language curriculum, and offer in-service teacher development programmes to Thai teachers of English and other subjects such as maths and science. All language centres operate independently, but bring together resources and expertise to benefit their staff and clients.