General English


When Frank Bell founded the very first Bell language school in 1955 it was in response to his war-time experiences and his deeply held belief that the best route towards international understanding was through shared communication and study.

Following Frank’s original vision, each year over 100,000 people from around 120 different counties learn with Bell, developing their English skills and confidence in speaking, writing and listening.

We offer a broad portfolio of learning programmes to suit individual learning styles and preferences, from intensive residential courses in the United Kingdom through to early morning or afternoon lessons delivered at Bell centres around the world.

Whatever our students’ learning goals – and wherever in the world they undertake a Bell programme – they can be assured that they will:

  • Be taught by a qualified, experienced English teacher.
  • Have access to a broad range of courses and programmes to suit their individual needs.
  • Have the opportunity to agree a study plan with their teacher designed to meet their particular learning goals.
  • Have access to a range of high quality self-study materials and resources to allow them to build on the classroom work undertaken with their teacher.
  • Receive advice on external qualifications and exams, helping them to choose the most suitable and preparing them fully before they sit the exam.